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For the Evangelist, the Communist, the Lefts and the Rights [entries|friends|calendar]
barking at the moon.

Honey, you cannot wrestle a dove.
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ahhh you dead or ahh you sleeping [06 Aug 2025|01:27am]

Actually, this isn't very "friend's only" anymore.
But, for the most part it is.
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[02 Mar 2009|02:25pm]
yo, new livejournal: betweenmyjaws

add me if you want me to add you.
I am not actively adding people.
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[28 Feb 2009|08:29pm]
So every once in a while I have very vivid dreams and they are usually from a camera point of view, like I am not actually in the dream, I am just witnessing events and the feelings these characters have, kinda like watching an actual movie. It's very bizarre. The last dream I had like this was about an old man finding the end of the world and it was beautiful and I got to witness it with him. Last night, however, nothing was beautiful.

The dream started off with "me" looking through the eyes of a little girl playing with a doll. I can't seem to remember what was going on with the doll, but it was something that feels important, but like I said, I can't remember. Then there is a knock at the door and my camera angle is through the eyes of 3 women all huddling around the back door in the kitchen. There is a woman who came out of a field in the rain at night asking for a place to [take, make, find] her medication for her rare case of depression. She is dressed in rags plus it's dark so it is hard to see her face. She seemed to be around 30 or 40 years old and average weight and height. I think she had olive skin and dark hair. Then after some convincing, the three women let her in the house and my camera vision went to her hands over the frame of the door. They had bees all over them, like completely covered in bees. Once the women said she could come in she closed her eyes and seemed to be doing some meditation thing to will the bees off, because as her eyes were closed, they slowly left her hands.

also, at some point that I can't seem to confidently place anywhere, Mel Gibson (I watched Grandma's Boy that night) was in the house counting backwards in a weird language that only he could speak, almost like a devilish language. As he counted backwards there were subtitles. One of the numbers (if I remember correctly) was "Maytay." As he named each number, there was an image of half an unripe (yellow) grapefruit being pushed on at the center from behind so the flesh would indent out next to it. After all the numbers were named and shown on the "subtitles" (which were in a sidekick themed font/color scheme if you know what that looks like) there would be a bunch of small words all cluttered at the end, which I am guessing are like separable suffixes that go at the end or something. He was all by himself in this "scene" and only counted back from 3.

The last part I can remember is a scene where Mel and the little girl are sitting in a room. She says to him "I can count backwards from 3!" and counts backwards in this strange language and he begins to count backwards from 6. As they start counting together, my head starts to feel this weird little pounding/pulsing sensation on the back right side of my head, a little farther back than my ear but above my neck. I woke up still feeling this pulsing and in total sleep paralysis. I somehow forced myself to stay awake so I could tell my fiance who was sleeping next to me about it because I was terribly disturbed. A few times I tried to just shut my eyes and go back to sleep but the dream was so vivid, I couldn't stop recalling each moment and then I saw everyone in the dream huddled around in a circle on a floor and I was just so scared I finally just woke up and told him everything.

We talked about it for a while and he asked if Ive ever had any issues with bees and I haven't. I've never even been stung by one. When I'm in the garden at my school I pick raspberries with bees buzzing right next to me without a care.

I didn't tell him about the little girl in the beginning because she seemed unrelated but then as I thought about it/wrote it out, I realized she was the same girl that was counting backwards. Previously I had thought the sick woman brought her or she WAS the sick woman (schizophrenia? lol) or something like that.

The sidekick text for the subtitles is because I was using my sidekick a lot this week because I wasn't at school (aka: I had service!) so I am assuming that is why.

The grapefruits, I have no fucking clue. I did just recently start to like grapefruit and when my school's dining hall has unripe grapefruit that is yellow, it freaks me out. It should just be pink.

anyways, I really just needed to write this down. I have no clue of the significance of any of it but the dream was just so vivid and strange I can't forget it.
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[21 Feb 2009|04:30pm]
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[10 Feb 2009|10:08pm]
Monty/the internet talked me into taking some computer science courses next year and double-majoring in linguistics and computer science. We'll both be computational linguists together! We are way too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[07 Feb 2009|08:17pm]
uhmmmmmmmmmmm????????Collapse )
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[01 Feb 2009|10:53pm]
So last night/this morning? at 3am I wake up to disgusting nausea.
I go upstairs to ask Jaime what to do about it and while I am talking to her it becomes overwhelming so I rush to the bathroom, sit at the toilet and wake up staring at the ceiling, thankful to finally be at rest.

Apparently I passed out and hit my head. Jaime called security, and after sitting up for a half hour my vision turned blurry/spotty and I puked my brains out.

But it was okay because Monty, Jaime, Vincent and Gregger were all there :D
I love you guys lol.

I'm really happy that it was on a Saturday night so I could get 15 hours of sleep and not miss any of my classes :D
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yam0m [28 Jan 2009|09:14pm]

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[28 Jan 2009|12:06am]
We have a date and a theme type thing!

July 11, 2010
and sunflowers!
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[13 Jan 2009|01:54am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I am back from my European adventure and Monty is staying at my house for the rest of the week till we go back to the Rock on Sunday.

We basically just spent 2 weeks talking endlessly in foreign countries.
Also, showing up at my Swiss exchange student's house unexpected after not seeing each other for almost a year is totally fun.

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[31 Dec 2008|04:29pm]
also we're not pregnant, but if we were, we'd name it Kell.
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[31 Dec 2008|01:59am]
[ mood | engaged ]

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alone with my skateboard tonight [23 Dec 2008|10:08pm]
On Saturday I'm going to backpack around Germany and Switzerland for two weeks with my boo and we're looking at universities with an undergrad and grad program for linguistics over there so I can get my BA wherever he gets his masters in Europe, specifically Germany.

But I have to wait two more days to see him :[ I haven't been away from him for more than 2 days since we've met and this is torture. </life>

Now I'm going to go listen to my niece read me a bedtime story and then listen to my sister talk about her boyfriend's big dick.
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[15 Dec 2008|07:15pm]
Monty's mom sent us a gingerbread house :D
I have to leave him for a week in 3 days :'[
I am ~90% done with this semester, shit.
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oh boy you look so pretty [10 Dec 2008|05:58pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Registration wasn't HORRIBLE.
I didn't get into Ian Bickford's Sem though which is distressing :[
and now I have 3 classes on Friday which sucks ass.

so next semester looks like this for me:

First-Year Seminar II: The Examined Life, MWF 2:00- 2:55 pm with John Weinstein
Disease and Community Ecology, TR 1:30- 2:55 pm with Paul Naamon (SCIENCE CREDIT, HELL YES)
Introduction to Psychology, MWF 9:00-09:55 am with Ann(sp?) O'Dwyer
Math & Its Applications MW 10:00-10:55 am with Snyder :[
Intermediate German II MTWR 12:15- 1:25 pm with Colette

That is 17/18 credits.
This year I will have my math, science, cultural perspectives and language requirements out of the way. Next fall I just have to do art and probably try to get all my RAP's because I don't feel like doing them this year. Yes, I am retarded :D

And I got an A on my Women's Studies project that we completely half-assed. 143 first year professors.

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[08 Dec 2008|03:10pm]
live from my butt:


live from Shanna's butt:

[vdruy] - a lie
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And a king went blind from his mother's love. [02 Dec 2008|06:20pm]
Jenny Lewis is ridiculous.
Acid Tongue just keeps getting better and better.
Jack Killed Mom is painfully amazing.
Big Guns is my new favorite off of Rabbit Fur Coat.

Who else agrees that she is too pretty for Johnathan Rice?

(he's the one on the right***)
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these hands are too shaky to hold [25 Nov 2008|08:36pm]
Tomorrow Monty's mom is picking us up and driving us 6 hours north to Buffalo for Thanksgiving.
How do you react having Thanksgiving with Native Americans?

"Thank you for falling for the blanket trick, it really helped us out!" or "Thank you for being easily defeatable due to the good nature of 'your people' so that someday I'd meet one of you and fall in helplessly in love and feel better than I ever have with anything or anyone ever!"
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[21 Nov 2008|02:10pm]
after 5pm it is November break for me and I get to spend a whole week hibernating with my boo and catching up on some reading. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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you change your mind like a girl changes clothes [16 Nov 2008|07:53pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Katy Perry doesn't do any actual dancing in any of her videos.
It's all back-up dancing.
All she does is say offense things and be ironic -- She's trying to make girls feel empowered and angry at asshole guys (i.e. lyrics like "you're so gay and you don't even like boys" and girls running around in ripped up wedding dresses with baseball bats) while saying things like "you change your mind like a girl changes clothes," thus putting down girls and furthering stereotypes.

Regardless, her music is hella catchy.

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